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 Get Biogetic Now

Biogetic emits vibrations on all newer phones that support java. Just send SMS to get Biogetic on your mobile phone and start improving now!

We will be very happy if you share your opinion and feelings about Biogetic with us. We can only improve Biogetic with your help and comments. Thank you for sending us your opinion on email info@biogetic.com.

 Download for free
Just follow these simple steps to get Biogetic:

Type in you mobile phone number with country code.

For example if you have mobile phone number 051 649319 and your contry code is +1 then type in +1 51 649319.
Here is the list of some country codes:
+1 USA
+49 Germany
+61 Australia
+34 Spain
+33 France
In a few minutes you will receive an SMS. Choose Read.
Select Go to or Open to connect to internet. Select Download to get Biogetic on your phone.
Save Biogetic on your phone in Games. Start Biogetic and start improving!

Advanced users:
Open web browser at your mobile phone and go to url:
http://biogetic.com/wap/ Choose Download or Install. Biogetic will install and run automatically.

Transfer Biogetic on your mobile phone via your computer: http://biogetic.com/biogetic.zip


If you have downloaded Biogetic for free, please Register your Biogetic. Only one registration is needed for all functions and for unlimited use of Biogetic.

Click here to register now!

When registering have your mobile phone ready to input the registration code. After you input the registration code all functions of Biogetic will be available to you!
Unregistered version emits vibrations only for a few seconds. After entering registration code, you have all the benefits of Biogetic.

 Using Biogetic
Now Biogetic is running. Biogetic will emit energy vibrations for your specific improvement. The vibrations are shown in the graph and will help you improve. Before using Biogetic, please read the instructions.

When you feel better, just select Exit on your mobile phone. Now you can continue with what you have been doing before. According to our experience the work will be much easier, and you will be more effective.

You can start Biogetic again whenever you need energy or motivation and when you want melodious music as you go through life. Just choose Games and Applications on your phone menu. Than choose Biogetic and improve!

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